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Workflow: Device assignment verification


Workflow: Device assignment verification

Latest Version:
Released on April 10, 2024

This content can be installed directly from the in-product library in your Nexthink Infinity platform. For details on how to access the in-product library click here.



Your ServiceNow CMDB is not kept up to date on a regular basis, leading to users being assigned the wrong device in your database. This leads to costly operational challenges for your support teams, such as confusion with device or user information retrieval, delays when organizing hardware maintenance, and application deployment errors. Ultimatly, you're inaccurate database is costing you time, while your end-users might not receive the required support.


Automatically trigger a workflow in real-time upon user login that will verify if the user is correctly assigned to their device in your ServiceNow asset management database. If the user is not correctly assigned to the device, a (optional) user confirmation is triggered, followed by the automatic change of the user in the ServiceNow asset management database.

Expected value

This fully hands-off user assignment verification and change will automatically keep user-device assignment accurate in your ServiceNow asset management database, enabling you to:

  • Automatically correct human error related to service assignment in ServiceNow
  • Save hours spent on manually searching and retrieving data from incorrectly assigned devices
  • Prevent deployment errors and/or hardware maintenance scheduling confusion



  • - 10 Apr 2024 - Initial release




V2023.8 and later