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Sustainable IT

Understand your sustainable IT performance and take measures to reduce your carbon footprint with endpoint-deep energy consumption insights and tools to drive awareness and behavioral change.

Multiple Factors Are Driving Sustainable IT Action

Digital technology is a leading cause of carbon emissions and investor demands, regulatory requirements, and consumer/public preferences are all converging on IT to take action.


of global greenhouse gas emissions​

The environmental impact of digital technology​


countries with GHG reporting requirements by 2024

Countries include USA, European Union, Japan, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore


global electronic waste per person

Only 1.7kg of this waste is recycled


If IT were a country, it would be the 5th largest GHG emitter

With a greater carbon footprint than Japan (the 11th most populous country in the world)

Nexthink Is a Leader in Powering Sustainable IT

Nexthink translates endpoint-deep energy consumption data into actionable carbon footprint information that can support GHG reporting, carbon footprint reduction efforts, cost reductions from abnormal and unnecessary energy consumption, and campaigns to influence employee behavioral change that impact sustainability goals.  

Support climate reporting

Support data gathering to meet reporting requirements on CO2 emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your footprint by acting on insights into the most crucial aspects of your IT environment 

Avoid unnecessary consumption​

Reduce and avoid costs related to inefficient and abnormal  energy consumption patterns

Drive sustainable behaviors

Foster a culture of sustainability in your organization and make sustainability a shared responsibility among employees

Get Insights on Device/Hardware Energy Consumption 

Get information on Windows Laptop energy consumption, broken down by disk, display, CPU, network and more. Identify energy-intensive devices and take measures to reduce their environmental impact. And track the impact of peripherals, such as monitors, to drive improvements across the majority of physical devices.

Reduce Abnormal Consumption & Avoid Costs  

Identify abnormal consumption patterns and take action on energy-intensive devices or processes. Ensure that devices are set for maximum energy efficiency through best practice compliance insights. And identify devices running unnecessarily and inactive servers, both of which contribute to energy waste.

Influence Employee Awareness & Behavior 

Understand employee sentiment and maturity related to sustainable IT through surveys and identify areas where engagement efforts are needed. Boost awareness through quizzes and educational content. And drive behavioral change through targeted communications and self-help campaigns.

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