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Proactive Password Reset


Proactive Password Reset

Latest Version:
Released on November 13, 2023

This content can be installed directly from the in-product library in your Nexthink Infinity platform. For details on how to access the in-product library click here.



Password resets are a common and often cumbersome task for both IT support teams and employees. Users frequently forget their passwords, resulting in a high volume of help desk tickets, increased operational costs, and decreased employee productivity. Additionally, in a remote or hybrid work environment, managing password resets can be even more challenging, as IT support may not have direct physical access to the user's device.


Automate the detection of passwords that are about to expire soon and automatically deploy a targeted campaign to engage with users, reminding them to update their passwords. This solution significantly reduces the number of potential L1 tickets related to password resets while ensuring employees remain engaged and heard.

Key Features:

  • macOS and Windows remote actions to automate the detection of upcoming password expiry.
  • Pre-built campaign to remind users to reset their password, automatically deployed based on remote action results.
  • Gain more information about failed login attempts for devices that require additional troubleshooting.


  • - 13 Nov 2023 - Initial release




V2023.1 and later