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Operating systems – Stability, security, and compliance


Operating systems – Stability, security, and compliance

Latest Version:
Released on February 29, 2024

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Managing multiple OS's in your organization is a real challenge, requiring constant OS updates, device migrations, and system patching across thousands of devices.

You have to jump between different management tools (Intune, SCCM, JAMF…etc) to keep control, but even then, you face too many “blind spots” from faulty agents keeping devices hidden from your management servers. These devices stop receiving critical updates or patches, and when you find out, it's too late as the performance, compatibility, or—even worse—the security of the device has been compromised.

This challenge adds unnecessary pressure and workload to both the IT teams in charge of the OS environment and the Service Desk teams who must deal with related compliance issues, as well as putting your organization under serious security risks from potential attacks.


Access an all-in-one, real-time view of the overall compliance state of your OS landscape, combining both Windows and macOS, and across their different versions. You can complement your current OS management tools to keep visibility over every device agent's status and availability to avoid costly blind spots.

Cross-check the compatibility, stability, and versioning of OS patches and updates across different manufacturers to identify any devices at risk before they can become a problem for you and your organization.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your OS environment to avoid unnecessary workload, security threats, and employee frustrations.

Key Features:

  • Real-time visibility over agent status on both macOS and Windows devices
  • 5 real-time dashboards to monitor the performance, stability, and overall summary of the OS landscape, as well as Windows and macOS update compliance.
  • Filters to segment data across location, platform, OS type, and OS build
  • DEX scores to identify and drill down into the source of application or hardware issues
  • OS versioning compatibility cross-checking



  • - 29 Feb 2024 - The Windows Update Compliance and macOS Update Compliance tabs have been updated to show details about devices with pending updates.
  • - 29 Feb 2024 - The dashboard has undergone major updates, including appearance, widgets NQL and logic. Widgets that indicate supported and target operating system versions have been updated to use rule-based custom fields.
  • - Updated Windows OS versions in widgets. Included macOS Sonoma to the list of supported macOS versions
  • - Changed tooltips on the Compliance tab and updated Windows OS versions in widgets
  • - Updated Windows OS versions for widgets
  • - Minor updates and enhancements
  • - Initial release


Windows and macOS


V2022.8 and later