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Your Service Desk Is Struggling – Amplify Can Help

Your Service Desk Is Struggling – Amplify Can Help
March 2nd

Deliver DEX Insights Anywhere With Nexthink Amplify

Nexthink recently announced the launch of Amplify, a browser-based solution to deliver Nexthink insights into any browser-based platform. For years, Nexthink has innovated with the aim to reduce the complexity of managing digital workplaces and to improve the digital experience of employees (DEX). Service desk and support plays a critical role in this, but it too often lacks visibility into the complete digital experience delivered to employees – and far less often is this information available within the tools service desk analysts use day in and day out.

Nexthink Amplify was built to address this challenge (among others, in fact), by delivering holistic, unified, and easily accessible contextual insights that can strengthen the service desk, reducing ticket handling time, driving faster incident resolution, and delivering massive operational efficiencies and cost reduction. It’s incredibly challenging to deliver effective DEX information into third-party platforms and Amplify does this smoothly and to great effect.

What is significant about Amplify? 

  • Easy set-up: Amplify can be set up in minutes and the ongoing maintenance effort is next to nothing. Since Amplify is a browser plug-in, there is no complex back-end/tech stack integration.
  • Fast time to value: ​Amplify is easy to learn and to use. As a result, results like reductions in call handling time or resolution time are laser fast to realize and to measure.
  • Platform-agnostic: Amplify works with any browser-based platform – including any service desk platform – so the possible use cases and value the product can deliver are endless.
  • Innovation: Nexthink has iterated on different approaches to integration for many years. The introduction of Nexthink Infinity and then Amplify is the outcome of that effort.

How Amplify strengthens the service desk

The typical service desk lacks a holistic, unified, and easily accessible source of incident insights and remediation power when resolving tickets. The most problematic operational consequence of this happens at the Level 1 or Tier 1 stage, where staff are held back by the following:  ​

  • They often rely on end user involvement upfront to get basic information; ​
  • They are forced to move between dispersed tools for additional data; ​
  • They lack access and insights to diagnose root causes;  ​
  • They lack the tools to fix issues remotely and with speed on their own    ​

This situation adds up to massive inefficiencies that result in the following:  ​

  • Too long to fix: Average Handling Time (AHT) and Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) are inflated, most notably at L1 stage; ​
  • Expensive escalations: Too many tickets go unfixed and are escalated to more costly teams (L2+) leading to higher resource costs; ​
  • Missed opportunities: L2+ bandwidth for more systemic, strategic, and proactive projects is reduced

Amplify puts insights and remediation power at your frontline staff’s fingertips so they can close tickets faster and escalate less.​ It does this through an easy to use browser plug-in that delivers device properties, user information, easy-to-read L1 checklists and customizable checklists for any issue area, templated remote actions and remediations, and a seamless link to the Nexthink platform for higher level specialists to investigate issues further, launch scaled remediations, and activate smart automations.

Get more from existing service desk resources with Nexthink Amplify

Our journey with Amplify has just started. As Amplify matures, it will unlock value across a myriad of new use cases, tools, and business domains – from security and compliance to finance and HR to sustainability – enabling their users to make more informed decisions with vital DEX insights at their fingertips. Nexthink Amplify is available now. Learn more or request a demo at