Nexthink Employee Engagement

Gezielte Kommunikation und Selbsthilfe

The distributed workforce typical of today’s workplace is increasingly struggling with poor communication, unexpected disruptions and frustrating digital experiences, all of which impact employee satisfaction and productivity and can even lead to employee attrition. IT teams are responsible for preventing these problems, but they lack insight into the employee experience. Instead, they have to wait for employees to create support tickets or email them for help. The result: Despite all efforts, your IT department cannot completely get out of the reactive operating mode.

Employee Engagement as part of Nexthink Infinity can help here for context-specific, targeted and bi-directional communication with your employees. This ensures that important messages do not get lost in the flood of digital communication, but are encouraged to react to them by means of notification banners on the workplace PC. Don’t waste your time chasing employees who ignore their emails. Instead, focus on communicating important information, conducting relevant surveys, and providing employees with automated remediation actions when needed. In this way, you help to improve the employee experience and increase productivity.

Learn how your IT team can drive engagement through targeted communication with Nexthink Infinity .