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Your IT Alerting Software is Failing You. We Can Help.

Your IT Alerting Software is Failing You. We Can Help.
October 20, 2022

Sometimes an IT ticket is just an IT ticket. But far more often, when one or a few tickets are submitted, it means there are many more users and systems exposed to the same issue. IT issues can quickly get out of control and affect many employees, sometimes overnight. When these get out of control, they can become “top call drivers” that bring your team, department, business lines, and even entire business to a halt.  These emergency situations lead to wasted resources, increased scrutiny by top management, loss of professional reputation, and even job insecurity.  

It is a nightmare scenario that all IT and Service Desk professionals fear.  

In response, IT teams try to get ahead of issues by using IT alerting software to try and get ahead of issues.  However, the reality is that traditional IT alerting software is failing you and your teams, and the situation is only going to get worse.  

What Is IT Alerting Software and Why Do Teams Need It?

IT Alerting Software is designed to alert IT teams when emergency situations occur by constantly monitoring server, infrastructure, applications and more. When performance degrades, these tools raise an alarm to notify IT so that IT engineers do not have to do this manually or wait for things to fail catastrophically. 

Why your existing IT Alerting Software is failing you

With the large-scale, permanent adoption of hybrid work models, employees are typically not exclusively using corporate networks anymore. Applications and even desktops are increasingly moving to the cloud as the adoption of SaaS and DaaS solutions continue to grow.  

All of this is reducing the visibility that you and your IT team have into the experience that users are having with their technology. This lack of visibility is limiting your ability to see, diagnose, and fix issues before they become top call drivers. 

Existing tools and methodologies are ineffective, as they focus on technology silos, generating unusable data that lack the context of how employees are affected.   

PCLM solutions configure, patch operating systems, and deploy applications, but give no information about who tried to use a mission-critical browser application and were frustrated about it. 

Infrastructure monitoring solutions can tell whether servers or sites are up and running or not and whether they are coping with the load but can’t tell which employees could not connect to those servers because they don’t have the right settings on their device. 

APM technologies dig deep into the application code itself but provide no visibility into employees’ complete experience with these applications from their devices and browsers. 

The big issue is that even if the data is combined from the variety of monitoring tools in use, it is still not helping IT avoid the nightmare scenario: top call drivers appearing out of nowhere, grinding business to a halt.  

The Future of IT Alerting

For alerting to be useful, it must offer an early warning sign that focuses on the complete digital employee experience for every employee, every device, and every application, continuously and in real-time.   

Enter: Nexthink Infinity’s Real-Time Alerting capabilities.

Nexthink Infinity provides a single view that helps you understand what employees are using, what they need, and what incidents they are facing – across the entire enterprise, all the time.  All employees, all computing environments, all applications, and all networks and set in the context of how these all relate to delivering a digital experience – that is, how well the technology is working from the employee’s perspective. 

Monitor What Matters

Built-in and custom alerts enable you to monitor the performance and employee experience of your most mission-critical applications, devices, and infrastructure. Whether it’s the responsiveness of key SaaS applications as they are being consumed or understanding when one app is crashing disproportionately across employees, Infinity delivers the early warning needed to ensure you and your teams are always ahead of potential ticket storms. 

Intelligent Notifications

Once emerging issues have been detected, notifying the right teams becomes the next essential step. Nexthink Infinity notifies IT teams of urgent issues in real-time, integrating into third-party systems, such as the leading ITSM tools, to ensure the right teams are always informed with the complete context they require, natively in their own tools.  

Prioritize IT Response by Employee Impact

The issues that matter are the ones with the greatest impact to employees and their ability to work, not the infrastructure or specific networks. By focusing on data from the experience point of view, and gathering experience data from across the enterprise, you can see the invisible issues, identify which issues are impacting the greatest number of employees, and prioritize your task list to get employees back to work quickly.  

Infinity provides the central location to view, manage, and prioritize the most urgent emerging digital experience issues affecting employees. 

All of this comes together to turbo charge IT’s ability to be proactive, by focusing and fixing only the issues that really matter. Here’s a good example: 

Use Case: Say Goodbye to Security Agent Crashes

After configuring real-time alerting for an important security agent, a US Financial customer was informed that agent crashes had suddenly spiked overnight. 

Nexthink Infinity dashboard

Upon further investigation, it became clear that the crashes were happening much more in one location, and that the problem seemed to correlate to a specific version of the application. 

Nexthink Infinity real time alerting

After Nexthink Infinity had isolated the issue, quickly identifying all affected devices, a fix was deployed behind the scenes without any disruption to the end user. 

nexthink infinity automations

All of this was done before a single ticket was submitted by an employee – disaster averted.   

This customer operates in a highly regulated industry. Traditional solutions looking at infrastructure or networks would not have identified the issue, and IT would have heard about this after employees started complaining.  Nexthink’s proactive identification of the issue prevented potential compliance issues on affected devices. Also, the traditional burden of days of investigation time to identify the cause and the scope of the problem was removed.  A simple but powerful example of an employee-centric approach to fixing a common issue.

Nexthink Infinity Keeps You One Step Ahead of The Next IT Disaster

Recurring issues are only an indicator of bigger problems to come.  It’s impossible to identify and prioritize issues if you cannot see the whole picture as it happens. Nexthink Infinity was built to solve the most urgent problem we see in every organization we talk to: understanding the complete digital employee experience for every employee continuously and in real-time so IT can focus on seeing, diagnosing and fixing the most impactful issues affecting them.

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