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Introducing Nexthink Infinity

Introducing Nexthink Infinity
September 20, 2022

Today is one of the most special days in Nexthink history.  

I personally believe that founding and growing a tech company is mainly about developing amazing technologies which have the potential to change how people work. With the launch of our new Infinity platform, I feel we are truly transforming how digital workplace teams get their jobs done—not only for themselves but for all the employees in their companies.  

Nexthink Infinity was born more than 3 years ago to solve one of the hardest problems companies have today. With the rise of remote work, SaaS applications and Employee Experience, IT needs to constantly change things in the workplace without breaking anything. That means real-time observability, diagnostics, and automation at scale, potentially over hundreds of thousands of hybrid workplaces with thousands of applications, in real-time. And of course, giving all the features and capabilities that our customers have been enjoying with our current DEX platform.  

During these years, our R&D teams quadrupled in size, large cloud operations and AI teams were hired, and we extended our support to endpoint platforms like Linux iGel, Mac, or ARM. Some of our best engineers, those who developed the core platform, were fully dedicated to the architecture of Infinity. At the same time, we were able to bring on very talented teams of designers and UX experts to design the next generation of our visualizations. We made huge investments to create the best technology that end-user computing has ever seen.  

So what is different with Infinity? A lot, but at Nexthink we think about Infinity innovation in three main ways:  


First of all, Infinity has been designed to scale horizontally over millions of endpoints in real-time and still give all the analytics in seconds. This works not only with physical or virtual endpoint data, but also as a full DEX platform that can analyze all SaaS applications from the end-user perspective. In addition, Infinity can easily ingest and correlate other types of information related to the employee’s digital experience such as Teams, Zoom, HR or Active Directory connectors. Infinity truly is one source of truth for all the DEX data.   


Secondly, we have heard from our customers over the years that information is good, but insights and out-of-box alerts are better. So, with Infinity we are providing a completely new alerting module with a growing library of alerts that our best experts are constantly updating and improving. On top of that, the new Diagnostics module provides benchmarking and machine learning analysis so we can identify baselines, assess, and find the root-cause.  

Fix (forever).

Remediation and automation is a big part of the daily job of end-user computing and digital workplace teams. Nexthink Infinity includes many new capabilities in automation with third-party products such as CMDBs, ITSMs or BI tools, self-remediation via Engage and a growing library of remediation actions now directly accessible within the product at any time.  

On top of all these capabilities, Infinity has been designed with the highest standards of security, privacy (GDPR) and compliance that modern IT organizations demand.  

But the best way to understand Infinity is to just try it, and the good news is that Nexthink Infinity is available today and ready for all our cloud customers. We wanted to make sure the adoption was as easy as possible, so you don’t need to migrate your data or reinstall the system—Infinity is just there for you.  You can also run both systems in parallel until you are ready to only use Infinity. 

The last few months were very exciting as we were uncovering the potential of the new platform. From the first conversations with Infinity users we realized that this technology could also unlock tremendous value in adjacent domains such as real-time compliance, digital adoption, workplace sustainability and even software metering with better and faster ways of solving these problems. This is just the beginning.  

The launch of Infinity is a landmark moment for Nexthink, and I would like to sincerely thank the hundreds of customers and partners who have been testing, running early-adopter programs, and giving feedback for the last 12 months. Without all this support and enthusiasm Infinity would not be here today. And last but not least, I also want to thank all our amazing Nexthinkers around the world for this great milestone. I am so proud of what we have built together. 


For more information on Infinity, check out the Infinity product page and sign up today for our upcoming webinar, Nexthink Infinity: Solving IT’s Nightmare Scenario to see Infinity in action.