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400% Increase in User Adoption in 1 Month? How This Company Made It Happen

400% Increase in User Adoption in 1 Month? How This Company Made It Happen
March 28, 2022

After three months of no activity, this organization breathed life back into its new self-service portal with a creative outreach campaign.

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“Fast” and “user adoption” rarely go hand in hand. In fact, 83% of senior executives said their biggest challenge with digital transformation was getting their staff to use the software[1]. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept this as the status quo. Organizations have discovered new ways to engage their users to drive digital adoption and improve overall corporate outlook in the process.

Why User Adoption Matters

User adoption is the process of ensuring employees are utilizing new business solutions and technologies in the way those solutions were intended to be used. A user adoption strategy can improve productivity, increase employee engagement, and reduce employee churn. But more often than not, employees lack the information and support they need to adopt new digital solutions.

If employees don’t adopt new software, it costs the organization time and money. But why do these projects fail?

Shockingly, 70% of all digital transformation projects fail due to employee resistance and lack of support from management[1]. Can you afford to have your project fail?

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One IT Team’s Employee Adoption Problem

The IT team at a large global consulting organization with 15,000 end users had embarked on a massive new digital transformation project: deploying an IT self-help application to all employees. It was hugely important to the business that this project succeed. First, because the self help portal could help reduce the number of Service Desk tickets and accelerate the digital employee experience. But more importantly, it would help their organization stay competitive by attracting and retaining the best talent to stay ahead of their biggest competitors.

Unfortunately, the employees did not rapidly adopt the new self-service portal and adoption stayed stagnant for months increasing the risk for project failure. Part of the reason for this failure? A lack of communication.

Enter, Nexthink Engage.

Utilizing Nexthink Engage to Increase User Adoption

To fuel employee adoption and save their project, the IT team sent a Nexthink Engage pop-up notification to all employees announcing the self-service portal and explaining the benefits. The campaign provided a 1-click link to access the portal directly so employees could see for themselves.

improve user adoption with employee surveys

The IT team also leveraged Nexthink Engage’s unique capabilities to send a targeted campaign to only the employees who had not visited the self-service portal. This strategy allowed them to precisely target only the most relevant users, ultimately increasing response rates and providing support to the employees in need.

The IT team saw excellent results from this Nexthink Engage campaign. In just 1 month, the self-service portal had over 10,000 visitors, 400% more than the month prior.

Once the adoption took off, the IT team also leveraged Nexthink Engage to gather feedback from users about their satisfaction with the self-service portal. This feedback helped them prioritize improvements to the portal that could further improve user adoption.

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Despite the slow start, this global consulting organization saw a tremendous increase in employee usage and adoption of the self-service portal.

Not only did this targeted education about the portal drastically increase usage and improve employee experience, it also reduced the IT ticket count by 23%. Employees could access help and resources immediately when they needed it leaving IT more time to focus on other digital transformation projects.

See how Nexthink helped make this happen in this short video

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